Thanks, Andy Hall
After five seasons with the ALMS as Director of Media and Communications, Andy Hall is no longer with the organisation. He’s now pursuing other interests, but we caught up with him on Tuesday – in reflective mood, after carrying out such a demanding job.

“Bill Donaldson was in charge back in 2000, and as we both lived in Indianapolis then, it seemed natural that he’d ask if I could ‘fill in’ for the 2000 season: that became a full time, permanent role for me at the end of the season.“Texas in 2000 wasn’t my first sportscar race, but it was my first in charge of PR. I’d worked in NASCAR for many years, and suddenly there I was – at that ‘hot’ race, with a lot of drivers overcome by the heat.”

Seeing Andy in action at the races, working long hours (with everyone else on the ALMS team) was to see a man getting through everything thrown at him. The Ed. was looking forward to dinner with Andy at Sebring next March, an event we were both anticipating eagerly – but at least he’ll still be keeping up to date with all the sportscar news at dsc.

“I appreciated the company of all the people involved in the ALMS: the drivers, the team members, PR people, the fans – great people.”

We asked Sylvia Proudfoot (PR at BAM!, and now TRG) to put Andy Hall's role into perspective: “Imagine trying to manage an international program spanning at least a dozen countries in time zones from GMT to Oz. Add the organized chaos of a race weekend, ill-handling equipment, inhospitable weather conditions and a pack of reporters with different requests but one common deadline - NOW. And that's the easy part of the job! The man in the middle for the past five seasons was Andy Hall, quietly and capably getting the job done. From one of the sometimes-unruly lot of team reps who likely added to the challenge, thanks ...”

dailysportscar.comThanks indeed: we all appreciated you Andy. Ever prepared to provide a nugget of news or information or to answer a question, always there at the end of an internet connection, always interested in what dsc was picking up elsewhere. Hearing that retriever bark in the background last evening was a pleasant reminder that there’s life outside racing. Enjoy some time with your family (and dog) old friend. And we’ll have that dinner one day.

“The ALMS will be just fine (without me),” suggests Andy. Yes, it will, but we liked it with you.

We were hunting for a better image of you, and thanks to Martyn Pass - here it is. But as you posted the one above right, we can still blame you for its presence here! The second one is Andy hard at work at Sebring.


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