Privateer C-5Rs For ’05?
In conversation with Corvette Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan, Gary Horrocks (preparing for a feature due here soon on the competition history of the factory Corvette C5-Rs) elicited these comments from him, regarding any possibility of privateer C5-Rs next year.“I think we are very close to confirming customer (C5-R) cars in both the US and also in Europe.

"I believe where we are,” continued Doug Fehan (right), “nobody will look poorly on GM because there are some privateer efforts fighting for places too."

The Belgian SRT outfit has so far been the only team running a privateer C5-R. ALMS GT1 prospects suddenly look bright – with more variety in Europe on the cards too. In which European series though, run by whom? And who might be entering Corvettes in the ALMS? We couldn’t even hazard a guess, for now.

Doug Fehan will of course be responsible for the C6.R Corvettes in the ALMS and at Le Mans, and other GM race programmes too.


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