Dyson - Michelin – Confirmed
Dyson Racing has been testing on Michelins at Sebring today, and the team will compete on the new brand of rubber in 2005.

dailysportscar.com"The (Michelin) tires were fantastic in the Silverstone 1000 KM,” explains Chris Dyson. “They had great grip from the first lap out of the pits and were incredibly consistent.

“We were able to go two stints without changing tires, and the car was as fast the last lap as the first. Really, that drive convinced me that Michelin had the edge."

Dyson Racing has won two of the three ALMS races not won on Michelin tires, and will be looking to add to their score significantly in 2005.

“The fact that major teams and manufacturers keep knocking on our door is the highest compliment we could receive as a tire manufacturer,” said Amanda Head, Michelin motorsports marketing manager, Michelin Americas Small Tires.

“Dyson in ALMS has been a very tough opponent during the past few years, and we expect they will continue their winning performances next year with Michelin tires.

“The battle in P1 between Dyson and Champion Audi will be outstanding and provide our tire engineers with a great internal competition. The competition among our partner teams is just as fierce as our competition against other tire manufacturers.”

The Aston Martin DBR9s will make their debut at Sebring next March, also on Michelins - and will be going head to head with the Michelin-shod Corvettes.

News from the test at Sebring in due course. The image is from the classic Chris Dyson - JJ Lehto race at Portland earlier this year.



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