Creation – Looking Back, Looking Ahead
dailysportscar.comThere have been all sorts of rumours regarding Creation Autosportif’s 2005 plans, so it was time to talk to (team owner) Mike Jankowsi, to find out the whole story.

First of all though, a look back at Laguna Seca - where the Creation DBA began the race from pole position (which obviously pleased Nic Minassian).

“Nic was having a great race with JJ Lehto at the front, but after 45 minutes, he began to suffer rubber pick-up on the front tyres. He was losing three to four seconds a lap, so we called him in early for a fresh set. We then had a slight problem with the engine re-firing, because our version of the Zytek V8 takes a little while to ‘find the spark’. The Evo 4 version of the engine doesn’t have this problem.

“Nic had a great race with Johnny Herbert for an hour, but then we had the sticking throttle. Overheating was the ultimate cause. Preliminary investigation, however, suggests that this resulted from the
failure of a cooling system Pressure Release Valve that regulates pressure/heat in the engine. The resultant pressure build-up appears to have caused the water pump seals to fail and a general loss of coolant.

“The whole ALMS set-up was very impressive. We went out and met as many fans as possible, and their approach to the fans is very good. We loved the whole ambience of the ALMS, and we expect to be involved there at least as often as we were this year.”

So where does the prototype programme stand now, and what events do you expect to be entering in 2005?

“Our big push now is getting budgets together for ’05. We’re in contact with potential sponsors, several of whom have arisen thanks to the media day we held at Silverstone during the summer.

“The car itself doesn’t arrive back here for another three weeks, but we have a clear development programme in place. Top of the list is to take some weight out of the car. We’ve been running at about 755 kg, but we’re sure we can take off 20 to 25 kg, and get it down to 725 to 730. 720 kg is the regulation weight for these cars for next yea, so with the restrictor change, we believe we should be in a very advantageous position: we ought to have the same power to weight ratio as we’ve been running this year, once we’ve got rid of the weight. The regulation changes really will suit our car.

“We feel the car can be a regular winner next year – as long as we can improve the reliability, so that’s where more cooling comes in. We’re going to make this car into a winning, reliable machine for 2005.”

So is that in the LMES and at Le Mans, with one car…?

“It’s possible that we could run two cars next year. It’s theoretically possible that we’ll run an ALMS programme and an LMES programme, but that’s unlikely, at the moment. But we are talking to American sponsors, and we certainly could do the whole ALMS.

“But it’s more likely, at the moment, that we’d do the LMES, plus Sebring and the two end of season ALMS events, but also be more adventurous in the middle of the season, with some ALMS races between the LMES ones. There are certainly some very interesting circuits in America, and after Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca, we’re full of the positives of the ALMS.

“But as I said at the start, we’re at the ‘let’s raise the money’ stage – but the encouraging thing is that we’ve been to America and proven our performance. We’ll have to wait and see: but we’re sure that 2005 is the year we can win the LMES, as long as we develop the car properly, and I’m sure we can do that.”

So what about Creation and rumours of a GT programme?“At the moment, I doubt it. We’ve had a few people interested in us running ‘exotica’ for them, and with the right car and the right people, I’d never say never, but we already have a product we can run with – the DBA.

“As you know, our Listers are for sale, and they’d make very good privateer cars in the French and Italian GT Championships. They’re not difficult cars to run, and I think we’ve shown what they can do over the past two seasons.”

So it looks to be prototypes for Creation Autosportif in 2005 - which could well become the year of the 720 (to 730) kg LMP1s. The Creation team should also expect a Le Mans 24 Hours entry this time too.

'So you want me to race here in 2005?'


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