RACER Readers & The ALMS
The results of a survey by RACER magazine reveals the American Le Mans Series to be a surprising favorite of American motorsports fans. The majority surveyed reveal they spend a considerable amount of time each week watching motorsports programming. Take note, ESPN!

Open wheel racing was noted as the most-watched form of motorsport on television, ahead of NASCAR. This stat. must have a few heads spinning at Nextel Cup headquarters. The ALMS was also noted as a popular additional choice. The most revealing feature of the survey is the growing popularity of the American Le Mans Series. The ALMS received the highest scores over all other forms of motorsport in North America when respondents were asked " What type of racing do you like?"

RACER editor-in-chief Laurence Foster said, “I’m excited by the scale and enthusiasm of the response from RACER’s readers. We’ll be studying the results of the survey in the weeks ahead. The high rating for series like the ALMS certainly reinforces my opinion that RACER’s readers are enthusiastic for all types of racing.”

dailysportscar.com"This is wonderful news for us and testifies to the continued growth of the American Le Mans Series," said Scott Atherton, President and CEO of the ALMS. "RACER has always been a publication designed to appeal to a higher demographic of racing enthusiast and that description also perfectly applies to fans of the ALMS. It is very gratifying to learn that the readers of RACER like what we are doing and put us ahead of the many other forms of racing included in the magazine. The management of RACER has assured us that the voices of the readers have been heard and that the magazine will respond accordingly."

Let's hope that North American sponsors of motorsport receive notice of the ALMS' popularity amongst racing's television viewers. Shifting of sponsors' financial backing to ALMS privateers and manufacturers would likely return more bang for the sponsors' buck, especially in comparison to the over-saturated world of roundy-rounders.
Regis Lefebure



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