A Second Miracle Courage
More good news for Yves Courage (and the ALMS): Miracle Motorsports is aiming to run a second Courage C65 in the 2005 ALMS – with Jeff Bucknum and Chris McMurry driving, to be joined by Miracle’s John Macaluso for the longer events. Macaluso is also aiming at a Le Mans 24 Hours entry.

"We have been very happy with the C65 and the support from Yves (Courage) and his team," said Macaluso. "The motivation to put together a two car effort is the enhanced ability to win championships and better economies of scale in operating our team.”

Miracle’s C65 was a first-time winner on its debut in the ALMS, at Road America in August. This image shows John Macaluso (with Yves Courage and Tim Mayer) conforming the purchase of that car, at Silverstone a week earlier.


"These two guys have a great relationship and similar driving style. Together they have been quick and clean for the last three seasons in the series, and they have shown they have the sensibility that's needed for endurance racing success."

Jeff Bucknum has had to race against the red, Miracle Courage C65 AER for the last two ALMS events, and points out that "everyone has seen the outright speed and potential of Miracle's Courage C65. We're very excited that our relationship has evolved nicely and we look forward to helping expand the success that John and his team have already enjoyed."

"We're viewing all of these developments as the beginning of a long-term relationship with John and Miracle,” explained Chris McMurry. “We have been able to generate more sponsorship every year and we want to use that momentum to give our collective efforts legs year-in, year-out. Just as we have shown to date, we're in this for the long haul."



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