Lamborghini Programme Discontinued
Krohn-Barbour Racing has announced today that the team’s Murcielago R-GTs will not appear at Laguna Seca next month – and also that the team’s programme with the Lamborghinis has been drawn to a close forthwith.“We always knew the Lamborghini would need some development work, being a new race car, but we went into this program having been promised a level of factory support that in my opinion was not delivered,” commented Tracy Krohn (left).

However, it appears that there is a very good chance that Krohn-Barbour Racing will appear in the ALMS in 2005.

"This is a disappointment, but it's also an opportunity,” said Krohn. “There are other race cars and other types of race cars out there. Krohn-Barbour Racing has set very high standards in preparation, engineering, and presentation, and is evaluating options with a view to a new program in 2005 and beyond."

The reasons for the cessation of the project are explained (by Tracy Krohn) thus:

"Krohn-Barbour negotiated with Lamborghini ahead of the season and reached an agreement in good faith. Krohn-Barbour has honored all of its commitments. Unfortunately Lamborghini didn't provide the draft contract until the day before delivery of the second car, and in my opinion this failed to reflect the original agreement. Discussions with Lamborghini at Petit Le Mans last weekend failed to resolve this.”

This programme was a late starter, the team only taking delivery of the second chassis just before Mid-Ohio, having despatched its own team members to Europe to complete the build. The new car was then heavily damaged at that first event.

However, the optimism surrounding this project seemed to be waning even before both cars were withdrawn from Mosport (during the meeting) – the team then choosing to miss Road America, to concentrate on development before Petit Le Mans.

Tom Kjos gave a balanced view of the situation at Mosport, here.

Scott Atherton, President & CEO of the American Le Mans Series, commented that, "Tracy has kept us in the loop every step of the way and it is most unfortunate that this program could not reach its full potential.

”The Lamborghinis have been some of the most popular cars that have ever competed in the American Le Mans Series and were very well-received by fans everywhere they went this season. We are very sad to see the Lamborghini program discontinued.

"We know that Krohn-Barbour Racing is looking at other options in the American Le Mans Series and would welcome this outstanding group back with us next season."

Tracy Krohn made a special point of thanking the team’s technical partner Pirelli – and in particular Peter Tyson [Vice President, Advertising, Public Relations and Motorsports] and Guy Mannino [President and CEO of Pirelli Tires North America] – “for their commitment and support."


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