Reducing Tyre Costs In The ALMS
With Petit Le Mans behind us, we can now focus on some other news that was released last week.

dailysportscar.comFollowing ALMS CEO Scott Atherton’s “State of the ALMS” address (at Road Atlanta last Friday morning), Tim Mayer, IMSA’s Chief Operating Officer (right), announced the formation of a committee to review costs and conditions of competition in the series. This committee of drivers, team owners, IMSA officials, and others is charged with making recommendations in areas to improve competition and help manage costs.

Already at work, the committee has made tire rule recommendations that will “enhance competition while reducing costs”. The rules will address competitor costs by limiting the absolute number of tires that can be used on a car at an event, and will lower tire manufacturer costs by limiting the number of tire choices (one rain and two dry compounds, for instance) that are available at each event. Expect an announcement in the near future.

One of the advantages that Michelin has had this year is the much greater number of choices they can offer their teams at a race weekend.

The committee is also working on other initiatives.


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