Shaw Chassis Engineering Announces New ALMS Prototypes
”Contracts in Hand” for “Several” to Race at Sebring 2005
Purchase a Competitive LMP2 with 3.4 liter V8 for $185,000

Road Atlanta, Braselton, Georgia, USA – Shaw Chassis Engineering, of Mazon, Illinois today announced a “chassis program” based on new technology that will allow competitive ALMS-rule-compliant prototype race cars for as little as $180,000, complete with a 3.4 liter V8 of Shaw Chassis own design. Manufacturing of thirty-six chassis is underway, allowing such attractive pricing. Corey Shaw said, “We have several contracts in hand, some from teams, or drivers currently competing in ALMS, for cars to be delivered to be raced at Sebring in 2005. The thirty-six chassis include “some” that are being built for SCCA’s A Sports Racer class (ASR).

Mr. Shaw said that various configurations, all open cockpit, were available, up to a cost of $350,000. Shaw estimated that a driver could put together a full-season, fully supported program for as little as $280,000, under an innovative new program called “Team-Six,” operated by Shaw Chassis’ companion company, Valkyrie Racing, also of Mazon, Illinois. Team-Six is a pooling of resources to manage marketing and infrastructure such as spares, under a single umbrella shared by member teams.

Shaw said “we hoped to be able to show an example of the SCT 100 or SCT chassis here at Road Atlanta,” but were “overtaken by time.” “That’s racing,” said Shaw.

Shaw has not previously built race cars. He said his experience is all “working for others.” Shaw says he is “an inventor”, who solves problems for which standard engineering solutions fall short.

For more detailed information on either the SCT chassis-engine packages, or the advantages of the “Team-Six” support concept, contact Len Marley, 1020 Marco Lane, Lexington, KY 40509, e-mail
Tom Kjos


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