Creation – We’re Doing The Last Two Races
There has been a desire among the Creation Autosportif team to enter Petit Le Mans and Laguna Seca for many months, and now it’s confirmed.

“We’re definitely doing the last two races,” confirms Michael Jankowski. “It’s going to be a rush after Spa, but we can do it.

“We haven’t confirmed the third driver yet, but we’re in contact with several.”

Whoever the third pilot will be will partner regulars Nic Minassian and Jamie Campbell-Walter, who will share the DBA Zytek at Spa on September 12, after which it will be flown out to Atlanta.

“Petit Le Mans is going to be a hard one for our car, that’s a tough circuit and a tough race,” predicts Mike Jankowski. “But Laguna Seca should really, really suit the DBA.”

So Road Atlanta next month will be an interesting first meeting – of a ‘Zytek’ and the Dyson Lolas (although as George Shaner points out, the same three chassis did meet at PLM in 2002 and Sebring 2003 - but they were very early days for the YGK/DBA, which hadn't yet been developed into a competitive proposition).


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