Lola B05/40 LMP2(1) News
"We are now in the second week of the wind tunnel tests (with the B05/40) and everyone here is pretty excited by the first week’s findings,” comments Lola PR man Sam Smith.“We want to keep things pretty quiet and cannot release too much detail (as you can see from the images) but everything points to a very competitive proposition next season.”

The extremely positive news is that Lola had “several parties, from both sides of the Atlantic, visit the tunnel last week to see progress in action. We are also conducting meetings at Silverstone this weekend.”

The first B05/40 will be completed in early January and go through an extensive winter test programme before Sebring, where it will make its debut.

dailysportscar.comSam Smith gives a run down of progress so far with the new design:

- “We conducted an exhaustive CFD programme earlier this year with our in-house capability and we spent the first week in the tunnel getting a baseline configuration and also starting to work on the 'hot-spots' picked up from the CFD analysis.

- “We are finding good solutions on the underbody and using our acknowledged ‘ChampCar’ expertise on this.

- “Another critical aspect of the design is the rear wing and this is one particular part of the new car that has gone through extensive CFD analysis. With the loss of underbody downforce dictated by the new regulations, Lola is spending the second phase of the tunnel tests looking into many different alternatives for rear wing configurations.”

The engineers - Julian Sole and new senior aerodynamicist Phil Tiller - are now looking into a range of downforce adjustments to suit shorter circuits, such as those used in the ALMS and LMES – as opposed to a Le Mans configuration. Meanwhile, current Lola chassis are having a resurgence in the ALMS, with a sequence of wins for the Intersport LMP2, and the first this year for the Dyson #16 LMP1 - at Mosport last Sunday.

The B05/40 is initially being configured for the installation of either the AER turbo four or Judd V8 engines, but other engine choices can be made. Lola is also working on a B05/40 bodywork package which can be fitted to the existing LMP1 car, so it can be run as a hybrid LMP2 in 2005 and 2006. At least one current B160 (technically that should be B01/60) user is known to be interested in such a conversion.

The B05/40 is suitable for upgrading to LMP1 spec., with a suitable engine and ballast, "at greatly reduced cost".

This is the original artist's impression of the new car, which already looks to have been superceded by the wind tunnel model's shape.


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