Krohn-Barbour Withdraws Lamborghinis at Mosport
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada – In a surprise move, Krohn-Barbour Racing did not show up in the pits for this afternoon’s practice, and shortly thereafter withdrew from the Grand Prix of Mosport. In a statement to be released just a few minutes after this report is filed, the team will attribute the sudden decision to withdraw to a “parts shortage.” The suspension part that forced the #5 car off the track after just eight laps yesterday again has “started to deform,” and the team says it will get progressively worse. There are no parts available for repair and the one they used yesterday had to be machined to fit.

We don’t doubt this is the proximate cause for the team’s withdrawal at this race, but other sources have called into question whether there is a chance for this program to succeed unless it gets a significant restrictor break. “Audi Sport never vetted this program and their simulations have shown that the V12 can’t be competitive under current (ACO) restrictor rules,” said our well-placed source. Krohn-Barbour has suffered through chronic parts shortages since they first fielded the car at Mid-Ohio. Other problems, including rebuilds after race incidents, have left the team short the time it needs to develop the car properly – even to the extent that they have not been able to find the time to replace its steel brakes with carbon fiber, according to a team source at a race earlier in the season.

Another team member, however, is convinced that Krohn-Barbour will succeed. “If you would have asked me last winter I would have said no, but now from what I see in the team I believe that you will see the Lamborghinis the rest of this year and all of next year for sure,” he said. “The team has identified a lot of things that can be done to make the car quicker, and that (the current restriction on the V12’s breathing) is just one of several key elements.”

We’ll all want to watch this program carefully. Certainly a competitive Lamborghini would be a tremendous asset to the American Le Mans Series.


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