Masarati & Liddell To Mosport
”I received the call from Mike (Pickup) on Tuesday evening. I’ll be driving the PK Sport Porsche at Mosport this weekend, but at the moment, I don’t know who my team-mate will be,” explains Piers Masarati.

In a bizarre coincidence, the next thing to happen to Piers Masarati, just moments later, was that his home was struck by lightning, instantly frying his laptop!

Flight arrangements were still made though, and Masarati is about to board a flight this morning, and will be on track at Mosport for testing tomorrow. What tyres will be fitted to the yellow and black Porsche though?

Piers describes this as a “transitional period” for the team, because neither Peter Boss nor Hugh Plumb will be driving for PK Sports.

Fellow Briton Robin Liddell is also on his way to Canada, to drive the Intersport Lola B2K / 40, with Clint Field. Jon Field will be back in the Lola B160, but his partner this week may not be Duncan Dayton.

Liddell will also be in the successful Lola at Road America, where he’ll also be driving the Porsche of John Groom in the SPEED GT race.

Both Masarati and Liddell are in the frame for drives at Silverstone’s LMES race next week, but nothing is confirmed yet. Both raced for PK Sport at Mosport last year, Liddell with Vic Rice, Masarati with John Graham (below).


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