Andy Wallace – Two Races This Weekend
Andy has one of those weekends coming up. Here he explains his schedule over the next ten days. At least he’ll have company throughout this week, as he races at Mid-Ohio (Grand Am) and Mosport (ALMS) – Butch Leitzinger has exactly the same schedule.

dailysportscar.comWednesday - flight to Cleveland

Thursday – test sessions at Mid-Ohio in the Crawford, then small private plane to Mosport (Butch is coming too, as he has the same problem)

Friday – test sessions at Mosport in the Lola (Milka to qualify the GA car), then small private plane back to Mid-Ohio

Saturday - final session then GA race at Mid-Ohio (Chris to Q the ALMS car), then bigger private jet to Mosport (more speed required this time, as the race finishes late at night and the ALMS warm-up is at 08:30 next morning!)

Sunday - warm-up then ALMS race at Mosport

Monday - flight to Newark then drive to Watkins Glen for next GA race (August 12-13)

Saturday 14 August - flight back to London for a whole four days before heading off to Road America (ALMS)!


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