2003 Spec. Prototypes Continue Into 2005
The American Le Mans Series and its sanctioning body, IMSA, have confirmed, as strongly suspected, that 2003 spec. prototypes will be able to race throughout 2005.

“One of the founding principles of the American Le Mans Series is stability of rules and regulations," said Scott Atherton, President and CEO of the ALMS. "The announcement now of the extension of eligibility for 2003 specification Prototypes through 2005 allows our current race teams, as well as those that will be joining our series, to operate in a stable environment as they make their plans for 2005 and beyond.

"We remain committed to two classes of Prototype racing as a major element of the American Le Mans Series," said Atherton. "The position that current LMP1 and LMP2 cars will remain eligible to compete in 2005 without modification has been well-received by both current Prototype entrants and non-active Prototype owners. The response has been unanimously positive.

"This extension of eligibility comes with the full consent of the ACO," he said. "As always, we greatly appreciate the spirit of cooperation demonstrated by Mr. (Jean-Claude) Plassart (ACO President) and his management team, and their willingness to work with us on this."

The ACO has yet to give any indication of the handicaps that 2003 cars will be required to race with next year - at Le Mans and in the LMES.

IMSA has also announced to competitors that its 2004 fee structure, which includes entry and license fees, will remain stable for the 2005 season.

"Just as with the announcement of the extension of Prototype eligibility, we wanted to get information about the fee structure out to race teams as early as possible," said Tim Mayer, Chief Operating Officer for IMSA. "This will again have the effect of creating a stable environment in which teams can plan budgets for the 2005 season with the knowledge that fees will not be increasing."


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