Yves Courage - Technical Support At PLM?
The French manufacturer threw open the doors of his workshop today, and Claude Foubert was there to catch up with the latest news.

Six stunning Courages were in the workshop: two 65s, including the red Le Mans / Nurburgring car, the 2003 C60, and three ‘old-timers’, including the first Courage (Cougar then), the C01, now in a blue livery.

For Yves Courage, today was an opportunity to meet many of the contacts he has made recently, from among French teams, but from overseas ones too. He has some serious potential purchasers of his C65s, and “some of them could be sold soon,” he says.

But the most interesting news is that “some American people want me to do the ALMS, so maybe we will go to Petit Le Mans this year. We have a very serious contact with these Americans, and it could be a good deal. If we go to the USA, it will be (to provide) technical support above all, but it is likely that we will go,” said Yves Courage. Good news for the ALMS coming soon?

Meanwhile in Europe, Courage Compétition will race at the Silverstone and Spa 1000 Km events, with the regular red C65-AER, and the same driver line-up: Gounon / Hancock / Frei.

As for 2005, as Yves said last month, Courage Compétition will race an LMP1. “It is clear that we’ll not race against customers. We don’t know yet if it will be a closed or an open car, but we will stay on our toes,” he said.

Yves Courage is also developing an historical department and some of the older Courages are ready to race.

For example, the C01, the sky blue car in the first image, designed by Courage himself and Marcel Hubert, which dates back to 1982 and the Nurburgring 1000 Kms, is available to be rented, for racing in suitable current series. This car was raced at Le Mans by Yves Courage, Michel Dubois and Jean-Philippe Grand. The car is fitted with a Ford Cosworth V8 engine.

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