Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Burned in Infineon Raceway Crash
Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California, USA – Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has suffered moderate burns of moderate intensity to his face and lower extremities, and has been transported to the University of California Davis Medical center near Sacramento, the track’s designated facility.

We have just watched some of the most dramatic film in our experience – in-car and track cameras of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s crash at turn eight here at Infineon. It seemed clear that no one hit the Corvette. A shot to the rear from the Corvette during the incident showed the #63 ACEMCO Saleen S7R following, but at a safe distance when the Corvette snapped around. We could see the fuel spill from one of the in car cameras, and then a track camera picked up the burst of flame from under the Corvette, and a shot through the windshield of Dale engulfed in flames. In the last sequence, a corner worker, without fire-protective gear, and at great personal risk, runs from the wall and pulls Dale free. As reported earlier, Earnhardt was subsequently moving around before getting on the gurney under his own power.


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