Bucknum Sticks With 3.0
Having qualified at Lime Rock Park with the 3.4 litre Willman6 engine, then switched to a 3.0 for the race, Team Bucknum will run with the 3.0 for the foreseeable future.

“We love the 3.4 because of its power and the speed it produces,” commented Jeff Bucknum. “The last two qualifying sessions we’ve had the field covered by a big margin, but, we have tried everything and we still have consistent block cracking that is resulting from chassis flex."

dailysportscar.com‘Both the block and chassis received upgrades to mitigate flex,’ says the Bucknum statement, but ‘cracking, albeit on a smaller scale, still occurred.'

Mike Pilbeam has obviously been aware that there have been issues with the Bucknum car, but tactfully points out that “we haven’t seen any problems with any other chassis. The Bruneau car, which uses the similar JPX engine, has never shown this problem.”

Pilbeam also comments that “as far as I know there have been no signs in the handling of the car that there is any flexing."

Having loaned a Willman6 engine to the Epsilon team, to run in its Courage C65 at Le Mans – where the car-engine combination didn’t have any of the problems the Americans are experiencing - the Bucknum team seems to have made its collective mind up as regards the root cause of any engine issues.

But Jeff Bucknum is confident that the blue and white MP91 will be competitive with the three litre engine: “I think we’ll fare well at Infineon this weekend because of all the turns. Where we’ll be challenged is on the long courses, where we’ll have to prevail with reliability.”


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