Esperante – Porsche & Ferrari Hunter
Hopefully Elan Motorsport Technology’s Chief Executive Officer David Bowes has had his telephone ‘ringing off the hook’ this week, after the more than promising performance of the Panoz Esperante GT-LM, at Mid-Ohio last weekend.

After such a successful debut, the car will race in at least the next four ALMS events.

dailysportscar.comDriven by David Saelens and Gunnar Jeannette, the new car qualified second in GT, fought hard for second place, secured that position and then went racing after the leading AJR Porsche. Unfortunately Saelens then collided with the second Flying Lizard Porsche, the damage ultimately calling a halt to Gunnar Jeannette’s recovery drive.

"It felt really good to race hard and contend for the win again," said Andy Waldrep, team manager for Panoz Motor Sports. "From all the testing and development we have done, we knew the car would run strongly. It's too bad that we didn't get the result that we wanted because of the accident, but we know that car has the potential to challenge the Porsches and Ferraris and to win in the American Le Mans Series and that's what we're here to do.

"The fans were glad to see us back and they loved the car. Sports car racing fans like to see new cars and new technology and we were happy to give something back to them."

It was a very welcome return for the Panoz name to the head of (its new) class.

"We were more than pleased with the way the car performed under racing conditions at Mid-Ohio," said David Bowes. "The GT-LM project is intended to be a customer car program for EMT and Panoz, and we had several potential customers paying very close attention at Mid-Ohio. Hopefully the fans will soon be seeing more Esperantes mixing it up on the track with the Porsches and Ferraris in the GT class."

Jeannette and Kelly Collins will race the car this coming Monday, at Lime Rock Park.


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