The Lola Millington Returns
Remember the Marshall-Cooke Lola B2K / 40 that raced in the ALMS in 2002? It’s back at Mid-Ohio in just over a week’s time, with Ryan Eversley at the wheel, and entered now by the Race Car Company.

20 year old Ryan Eversley helped prepare the car in 2002, but now he’s down to race it. Ryan also helped prepare the JML Team Panoz entries in the 900 class last year.

The Race Car Company has been formed by James Cooke and Jason Dunken. They have two B2K / 40 Lolas at their disposal, and hope to enter both at some of the ALMS races.

"Ryan comes highly recommended to me by Mike Johnson," said James Cooke. "He has been around the game long enough now to know we are looking for a mature, level-headed driver who will not only be on the pace but will also look after the car."


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