Dyson Racing Tests At Lime Rock
And we thought this one was a secret. With one car in the UK for repairs, it was a single car test at Lime Rock last week for the reigning 675 Champions – with Chris Dyson, Andy Wallace and Rob Dyson ‘in the chair’.

Despite some bad weather (heavy rain), the team came away very happy with progress made.

“From the standpoint of getting through our test program, this was the most efficient test we’ve had this year,” said Chris Dyson. “We had a limited amount of time on the track, but we got everything on the list done, and in just 160 miles.

“Our work at Lime Rock confirmed that our basic set-up is pretty much transportable. I’m quite encouraged by our pace at Lime Rock. We’ve made good progress with our engine management so we have a bit more power and better throttle response. And Goodyear continues to make progress with the tires. Of course Lime Rock is a track that suits our car – except for the chicane it’s all fast turns. The car is just unbelievable through West Bend and the Downhill.”

“Rob Dyson was flat out down No Name Straight on his first lap,” said Andy Wallace. “It was impressive because he hasn’t driven much at all in the last year.”

“The track is short, but complex,” said the elder Dyson. “It’s very fast, narrow and bumpy. Chassis set-up is very important, and so is the ability to get through traffic. I think that’s where our team’s experience here helps. James (Weaver) and Butch (Leitzinger) won the last four prototype sportscar races there, from 1998 through 2001. We’ve never raced the Lola there, but I think that our test here will help us win a fifth.”

Lime Rock Park follows straight after Mid-Ohio, as the ALMS resumes in late June.


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