Junior And Boris Test A Corvette
While the rival ACEMCO Saleen team was at Portland this week, Corvette Racing was at GingerMan Raceway, Michigan, on Wednesday, providing Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Boris Said an opportunity to test a Corvette for the first time, prior to the Infineon Grand Prix of Sonoma on July 16-18. The team is entering a third C5-R at this race.

”Man, the tires and brakes are amazing," said Earnhardt Jr. "The brakes are 10 times better than when I drove the car before. The other series didn't allow carbon brakes, so this is the first time I've ever had a chance to run on them. There is a huge learning curve but once I got the hang of it, it was great. Ron and Boris helped me out to figure how to squeeze the brake pedal."

‘Other series’ is a reference to driving a C5-R at Daytona in 2001.

Ron Fellows was present to help familiarise the new Corvette racers with their car: he and Johnny O'Connell will be aiming for a fourth consecutive win at Sonoma in July.

"Overall the car is awesome," said the always quotable Boris Said. "I've seen this thing for four years when I was in a GT car and I'm happy to be given the opportunity to drive it. It sounds awesome and the handling is just incredible."

dailysportscar.com"I like sports car racing because the equipment is so advanced," said the equally quotable Earnhardt (right). "The Corvette C5-R is such a capable race car and, above all, it's fun to drive. This car is so capable, if you realize you've made a mistake you can figure it out and correct it maybe the next time you hit that corner. In other sports cars I've driven you're fighting just to keep on line. This car allows you a certain level of precision."

"I was extremely impressed with Junior's progress through the day at the test," said Ron Fellows. "Without a doubt he's a great racing driver regardless of which car he's driving or which direction he's turning. His adaptability skills have improved immensely.

"You see a new level of focus. I'm not just saying that because of his last name, he's earned it. He did a hell of a job. He and Boris ran at about the same time and that's remarkable. Boris doing well is no surprise and we're looking forward to seeing him and Dale Jr. do well at Sonoma. They are going to surprise some people, no doubt."

"Little E is going to be a riot!" concluded Boris Said.





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