Marino - Upbeat
dailysportscar.comMarino Franchitti called in to take a look at what was going on at the British F3 event at Knockhill today (May 15).

The former British GTO Champion was in an upbeat mood, despite having his season cut short following the closing down of Rand Racing last month.

"There are still a few things that are waiting to be sorted out," he explained. "The really frustrating thing is that I turned down quite a lot of other things to concentrate on the ALMS. Now all those other teams have things in place and I've missed out. I've got a few irons in the fire and am waiting to hear about a few things. I did the LMES coverage on Motors TV with Hindhaugh, which was cool. I've been in touch with several people and I'll hopefully be back out again soon."

As for watching the F3 races tomorrow?

"To be honest, there's live DTM, Celtic vs. Dundee and it's pole day at Indianapolis today, so I'll be speaking to Dario later, so I can't really see any reason to leave the couch tomorrow!"


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