Dyson Test – Mid-Ohio Conclusions
We caught up with Andy Wallace earlier in the week, and he passed on the James Weaver quote that he, Weaver, had lapped Mid-Ohio more than a second under the 2002 pole time (when the cars ran larger restrictors).

“Each of the four drivers turned lap times well below the pole-winning standard from the track’s most recent American Le Mans Series race in 2002,” says the team’s statement, at the conclusion of the three day test – ahead of the ALMS event in late June.

“The results of the test were very encouraging,” said Rob Dyson, who also drove some laps on the final day. “On Tuesday the weather was good and both of the cars were under the time the pole-winning Audi set in 2002. We had cooler weather, which was an advantage, but the Audis and everyone else now race with 10% smaller air restrictors. Overall, I think this was a pretty fair test, and I believe that we’ll be very competitive when we come back here in June.”

Team manager Randall Kelsey attributed the recent pace to tyres and engine mapping: “Our partners at Goodyear and Advanced Engine Research (AER) have made great progress, as our results here demonstrate. All of our drivers, James Weaver and Butch Leitzinger in the #20 car, and Andy Wallace and Chris Dyson in #16, were pleased with the tires that Goodyear has developed, especially the new rain tires, and with the responsiveness of the engine with the new mapping in the management computer.”

The Mid-Ohio test also marked the first extensive trial of the team’s new paddle-shift set-up, which also incorporates a flat-shift capability. This AER-developed, all-electrical system is also being fitted to the Fred Goddard Reynards – and is reportedly lighter than alternative systems.

“Our car is particularly good in high-speed corners and under heavy braking,” commented Chris Dyson, “and Mid-Ohio has lots of fast turns and then a couple of places where you brake hard for a slow corner after a long straight. With the paddle-shift, you can really focus on braking. This system is worth a couple of tenths (of a second) per lap, but its real advantage is in traffic. It gives you more opportunities to get by slower traffic. I think its real advantage will be seen over an entire stint.”

dailysportscar.comThe last time Dyson Racing competed at Mid-Ohio was in 2002, with the team's Riley & Scotts - James Weaver and Butch Leitzinger finishing fifth (right).

“We expect that our reliability will be better with this new system,” said Kelsey. “It essentially eliminates the possibility of a missed shift, and overall is easier on the transmission. It would have been tempting to run the paddle-shift at Sebring, but we wanted to do the kind of extensive test we have this week before racing with the system.”

Chris Dyson and Andy Wallace made a hurried departures from Mid-Ohio, to be at Le Mans today, in advance of Sunday’s Test Day.


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