Three Guys, Three Beers
Mid-Ohio, Wednesday evening: Andy Wallace, James Weaver and Butch Leitzinger – enjoying a quiet beer after the first day of testing.

“We’ve been doing set-up work on the Crawford and the Lola, because both series will be visiting Mid-Ohio this season,” admits Andy Wallace.

“We’re doing engine work on the Lolas too: James has his ‘binary style of driving’: he’s either fully on the throttle or right off it. Butch and I tend to use part throttle sometimes! So I hopped in the car to check we weren’t going the wrong way on mapping. We weren’t.

“Oh, James wants you to know he was over a second under the 2002 pole here, which was the last time the ALMS raced at Mid-Ohio – when the cars had larger restrictors.

“We’re working on the rear end of the Crawford, which still has something not quite right – but we’re getting to the bottom of that. Elliott is tyre testing on the #04 car.”

None of the three knew that Jan Lammers has his second car in the Le Mans 24 Hours, and all were delighted that he has. James and Butch are not expecting a call to drive though, despite what our forum readers might think.

More testing throughout Wednesday and Thursday – or until mid-afternoon on the third day for one Englishman: he’s got to leave the track early on Thursday, for a flight across the Atlantic. We wondered about the driver line-up in the black Zytek, but at this point the line went crackly…. what was that, something about your round, Butch?


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