Factory Panoz Esperante
We’ve been willing this to happen – and now it has. Panoz Motor Sports will enter the heavily revised 2004 Esperante GT-LM in the ALMS, from Mid-Ohio onwards. We hope that means in the whole of the ALMS.

If suggestions of a sub 2:04 time at Sebring are correct, those 911s had better look out – throughout the season.

The full factory entry will be driven by Gunnar Jeannette and David Saelens, two of the ‘team drivers’ in 2003. This is the return of the factory team for the first time since 2002.

"We're back," said Don Panoz, owner of Panoz Motor Sports. "We wanted to build and race a car that is more in line with the cars that we sell for the road, so we took some time away to make that happen. We're looking forward to racing at Mid-Ohio.

"We feel that the car will not only be ready to race, it will also be very competitive," continued Panoz, "but before we commit to running the rest of the season, we want to see her in real racing action."

The GT-LM was built by Elan Motorsports Technologies (EMT), and is believed to be a huge step forward from the 2003 version.



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