Panoz Esperante Goes Well In Sebring Test

We knew that the developed, 2004 version of the Esperante had tested immediately after the Sebring 12 Hours, but now comes the news that the Elan Motorsports Technologies car had a very good test, allowing the EMT engineers to compare the Esperante’s performance with the GT class cars that ran in the endurance race.

"We wanted to take the car out and really pound it around," said David Bowes, CEO of EMT. "The intention was to measure the car's capabilities compared to the GT results from the race, but also to find any problems or bugs that might develop and solve them. We wanted to achieve this on a track surface that was in racing condition.

"We were very pleased. The car responded to all changes and was very consistent all day. We were able to get some very important feedback."

EMT will continue its testing and development of the car, with sessions planned for the coming weeks at Road Atlanta and potentially at other venues. The car is expected to make its racing debut later this year – but at an ALMS event “to be determined”, following more testing.

Completely unofficially, we're told the Panoz lapped quicker than the 2:04 pole time in GT for the 12 Hours...


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