Two Moments From Sebring
1 McNish & Lehto

”The move of the race?” asks Ian Donaldson. Of course it was,

“Guess who had the ringside seat? Yes, me, in the #68 Racers Group Porsche..

“I saw them coming in my mirror as I was approaching turn 17, and expected them both to pass me down the inside, as had been done by these cars a number of times before - so the last thing I expected was JJ going the long way around me, around the outside!

“As Allan moved out from the inside line in mid corner, JJ was there, hence the coming together. I did see some bodywork flying but only small bits, my first thought after their touch was that the Champion car would go very wide and maybe touch the tyre wall. The speed that JJ went around me on the outside was quicker than I had thought possible and still stay on! Bearing in mind it’s a bumpy, concrete surface and not tarmac, even an Audi. Has its limits.”

John Machaquiero was there to capture the moment – and yes Ian, it was the move of the race. McNish let the Champion car go, but what would have happened had they been on the same lap, or if Lehto just got the only lap back on the Scot? There were several between them at this point, but JJ still went for it. Magic stuff. Ian Donaldson is in the third car in this image.

2 Viper Brake Problems
dailysportscar.comThis was the scene in the Carsport pit after Jean-Philippe Belloc experienced brake problems early on, very early on, in the 12 Hours. The venerable old girl was experiencing fluctuating brake pressure, and a trip into the tyre wall at T17 was the result.

Later on, Tom Weickardt was on a real flyer as he approached the same corner, left his braking too late, and skittered wide, head on into the tyre wall. We’re pleased to report that Tom is planning to be back for the whole of the rest of the season, and that the Viper didn’t even break its radiator in the impact: bodywork damage only.

DC Dowmont caught the image of the repairs after the first incident – and the look on Jean-Philippe Belloc’s face.


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