The Pirelli Girls & The ALMS
Investment - It was a theme that came up time and again at Sebring last week. Investment in driver talent, technology, spectator facilities and in marketing.

dailysportscar.comMuch of it was plain to see for the 100,000 or so fans who attended the 2004 12 hours of Sebring (and the millions that watched and listened to the broadcast coverage on both sides of the Atlantic).

One very visible expression of that investment came from Pirelli North America. No, it wasn’t a ‘trick’ new tyre compound, it was ‘something’ far more likely to catch the eye of the racegoing public.

Sebring marked the debut of what will be a major year-long commitment from Pirelli, to provide a walking, talking, smiling ambassadorial presence at the ALMS race circuits for their brand.

Welcome aboard the 2004 Pirelli Girls!

While different circuits will see girls from across the USA and Canada representing Pirelli, there will be one constant throughout the season. 24 year old North Carolinan Shana Prevett will follow the ALMS circus to every round, as well as leading the brand’s efforts at several Auto shows across the United States this year. The full 2004 season appearance comes on the back of previous outings to promote the brand at Road Atlanta (for both ALMS races at the circuit in 2003, where she won the Miss Road Atlanta Bikini Contest)

“It was a major thrill to be picked to work the whole season with Pirelli,” said the bubbly Shana. Jack (Gerken – Pirelli North America’s larger than life PR man) told me he wanted somebody to tour with the brand, to do the major Auto shows and the ALMS, but I never really thought it would be me.”

It’s easy to understand why Shana was chosen, her easy manner and really dazzling looks are a combination made in heaven for Pirelli.

“I’m a people person and I love the race meetings, people are real friendly and I end up signing posters, hero cards, race tickets and other stuff too!”

While every event has its fair share of those who perhaps don’t treat the girls as the ladies they most certainly are, Shana takes it all in her stride:

“Of course you expect a bit of that, guys will be guys I guess, there are always a few who will try to take a photograph of something other than your face!”

Shana is now well used to guys being well acquainted with areas other than her face – she featured in a recent edition of ‘Stuff’ magazine, where National Geographic gave a run down of the human form using Ms Prevett as the body model.

“While we were shooting it I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I’m very pleased with it.”

It was tastefully done, so tastefully indeed that it was Shana’s mother who brought the feature to the attention of Jack Gerken: “I said to her that this was the sort of stuff that most moms would warn their daughters away from,” said Jack, “but she is very, very proud of Shana, and with good reason.”

The response that Shana and the other Pirelli Girls drew at Sebring suggests that these ladies will prove to be a very wise investment indeed for Pirelli North America.


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