Krohn Barbour Racing – Two Lamborghinis
”I met Dick at Road Atlanta over a year ago,” explains Tracy Krohn (driving the PK Sport Porsche at Sebring, of course). The Lamborghini is a good fit for us.”

So the ALMS will see the two Krohn Barbour Murcielagos R-GTs make their debut at Mid Ohio at the end of June. The cars arrive at Dick Barbour’s ‘shop on May 1.

“There is factory support for the program,” confirms Barbour. This project is a multi-year deal, so although it might be expecting a lot to see the Italian cars right on the ALMS GTS pace immediately, longer term, these cars should be real contenders.

“They’re great looking cars with a big fan base,” adds Krohn. “It looks as fast as hell straight out of the box, and it’s a make that’s looking for brand awareness." He is the only confirmed driver at present.

“Anyone who knows Dick Barbour knows he only races to win,” says Panoz CEO Scott Atherton. Dick Barbour did just that with the 675 Reynards: now let’s see what he can do with two Lamborghinis.

"We're going to field a first-class racing team and we look forward to mixing it up with the other competitors in what we consider to be the finest professional sports car racing series in the world," summed up Tracy Krohn.

Tracy Krohn spends his time away from racing in the oil drilling business. His company, W&T Offshore, Inc., has 75 employees and interests in over 300 leases and 149 fields in the Gulf of Mexico. He's in the middle of this image from this morning's press conference.


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