BAM! – KAPOWed Again
Despite Mike Rockenfeller having set the fastest time in GT Qualifying at Sebring (a superb 2:04.169), the BAM! 911 GT3-RS will have to start from the back of the grid.

This is the team’s second misfortune of this amazing first racing week for them – now they’ll have to make a second amazing comeback, this time on Saturday, although starting from the back shouldn’t be a major hurdle. The Orbit car had to do the same last year, for a similarly obscure reason.

BAM! technical director Tim Munday explains: "We've just been put to the back of the grid for an infringement of a bodywork dimension. A plastic trim that sits on the front of the car was two millimeters out of specification, basically a bump in the plastic. If you sit the car in the sun, the plastic expands and it's illegal. If you sit it in the shade, it's legal again."

BAM! fans can now follow the team through The website includes daily updates during race week, a photo gallery, audio clips and a fan forum. Fans will also soon have an opportunity join Club BAM! through the site.

The Job Porsches will now start 1-2.

No they won't. More dramas: LMP2 #56 sent to the back, failed engine stall test, so Marino Franchitti is on pole.

GTS #4 time disallowed due to wing endplates out of compliance, so #3 Corvette on pole.

#24 time disallowed due to front spoiler being too low, so #23 is now on pole.
Well done
James Davies

Oops, still more: the Viper lost its 'front row spot' (which it never really had), owing to a restrictor issue.


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