Gathering The News
Sometimes we just couldn’t guess where snippets of news are going to come from next…

dailysportscar.com1. David Legangneux clicked the link on today’s earlier news item regarding the BMWs testing at Spa today, and the video on the Belgian TV website also included a snatch of film showing the Kondo Racing Dome on test at Spa. The driver was Ryo Michigami, and with Masahiko Kondo and Hiroki Kato likely to be racing this car in 2004, there’s another Le Mans entry penciled in.

2. Who was driving the Rollcentre Dallara at Sebring today, wearing a white helmet? “It’s Joao in the white helmet,” says Fernando Martens. “I secured a deal with Bell to supply him with helmets, but they didn't arrive on time to be painted, so he'll be wearing white this weekend. He will try to put the Stars and Stripes on it with adhesive tape, but don't count on it...”

Grand Cayman, Fernando? It’s a tough life… when you’d rather be at Sebring!


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