Caption Competition - And Your Captions
Martyn Pass at Audi UK explains that Guy Smith, Johnny Herbert and Jamie Davies purchased their new sports equipment during one of the breaks in the Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx test at Road Atlanta last month.

Here they are (below), 'posing' at Sebring this morning. If you've got a suitable caption to describe this scene, pop it along to the Ed.

At lunchtime on Tuesday, the rain at Sebring is very heavy. Don't expect too much information regarding meaningful times today...

...although, the rain then stopped, and as of 14.20 local time, the cars were being held in the pits, ready to go once standing water had drained away.

Your Captions

Jeffrey Mao: Introducing the newest members of the Middle Earth basketball team, Hobbit
Anon: Endurance racers - biggest balls in the business.
Chris Willis: (1) The three Audi drivers pose for a new print ad directed toward Willy Wonka's "oompa loompas," a heretofore untapped market for the German auto maker.
(2) Smith, Herbert and Davies learn the importance of "keeping it real" through a 12-hour race.
(3) Smith and Davies look on as Herbert attempts to assess how big his head REALLY is. Perhaps a before and after comparison is in order?
Anon: Hey, Dr Frankenstein, the creature wants to play ball!
Anon: Three white guys: no jumping.
Anon: White Men can't Jump - or - No wonder the Americans can't win in the world cup with balls and uniforms like this.
Anon: And Marco thinks he's got problems. He ought to try driving with a basketball superglued to his finger and his 'ead.
Anon: There you are, it's true. Big feet, big balls!
Mark: You think we look funny, how about Shaq, the Mailman, trying to drive our R8 for 12 hours?


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