A Little More From Sebring On Monday
We’re not on site yet, and with no official timing, we’re still piecing together limited information.

To the times we already know - 1 Lehto, 1:48.374, 2 Herbert, 1:48.547, 3 Kaffer, 1:48.96, 4 Field, 1:50.590, 5 Weaver, 1:50.747 – we can add a 1:51.8 for Joao Barbosa in the Rollcentre Dallara.

This was the first day for the Rollcentre team, and on “65 lap rubber, with the car still not tuned in,” (says Martin Short) it was a very good start for this team.

“I was dicking around trying to learn the circuit and come to terms with being flung around in a very expensive amusement ride,” adds Short, graphically.

We don’t have any times in GT, but the TVRs were having their first track outing in the new, wider, longer form – and they’re hot inside. Early days for this team.

All is well at ACEMCO, with no significant problems, the team not making any low fuel / soft tyre runs so far, and so pleased with progress that they won’t run on Tuesday. The Corvettes aren’t giving away their true pace over a complete lap: that will come in qualifying. Perhaps no one in GTS will touch them…

No clues yet then as to GT form at all: we’ll try and find out by the end of Tuesday’s track time.

At least these two seem to be enjoying each other's company...



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