Hyper Sport’s Withdrawal
We knew that the 2004 version of the Panoz Esperante wouldn’t be present at Sebring next week. Brad Nyberg explains why:

“We have to agree with the people at Panoz Auto Development and EMT, the racing car needs more testing before the world’s most gruelling endurance challenge.”

David Bowes, CEO of Elan Motorsports Technologies adds that, “For a number of reasons, we have decided to slow the car’s final testing and development. Instead of its first outing being a 12-hour race, we have opted to continue testing at a reasonable pace and with very specific goals in mind. As recently as yesterday we ran the car and all indications are very promising to everyone involved. Our hard work over the winter is paying off.”

In preparation for future racing plans, Hyper Sport has recently moved into the former Protostar / Cadillac facility in Norcross, Georgia. Hyper Sport now has the ability to perform race preparation work for other teams in addition to its own programmes.

“We are off to a flying start at our new home, having already brought in two customer programs for the year,” comments Rick Skelton.

They’re sure they’ve got a genuine GT Class contender on their hands, but it will be a while longer before we see it racing.



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