Rollcentre – Estoril Testing Conclusions
We were kept up to date with Rollcentre’s Dallara testing at Estoril, as far as Monday, thanks to Rob Barff. Martin Short is now back in the UK, and sends these comments to round up what was a remarkable test for the British team and its prototype.

“The car covered 1,000 miles in the three days, and we didn’t have to touch it – absolutely reliable throughout, and I’m very happy with that.

“Rob commented on the aero work we focused on for the first two days, so the third day was the chance for us to try out the various Dunlops. Prior to that, we’d only used worn race rubber, but were very happy with Joao’s best of a 1:31.4, on 80 lap (that is, well used) rubber.

“On fresh tyres – but still race rubber, we didn’t try qualifiers – Joao got down to a 1:30.1, but was blocked on that lap, and again when he set a 1:30.3. We’re happy that we’d have been in the 1:29s on race rubber.“I think Joao was quite pleased to get out of the car at that point, to give his neck a rest. Of the three of us, I suffered the least with my neck, but mine is shorter than Rob’s or Joao’s!

“These prototypes really are an assault on your senses! The car is due back this evening, and then we’ve got to turn it around so that it’s at Heathrow on March 10, to go out to Sebring. We’ve also got a Noble and a Mosler to have ready for Tuesday testing on the 9th, so it’s all go – but what’s new?

“Sebring is going to be such a new experience for us, but we’ve got further than we dared hope to, getting to grips with the Dallara.”

Prospects for Sebring?

”I have heard how the Sebring circuit is a killer, with stories from Barffy of how drivers were violently sick in the car from the battering they got, and as we are already getting a physical hammering in the car, I am expecting it to be difficult indeed. Survival will be goal number one, and getting to the finish of this arduous race will be a massive result for us.”


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