18 Becomes 88
Did you wonder why the Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx Audi driven by Guy Smith, Jamie Davies and Johnny Herbert ran without a number at last month’s three day Road Atlanta test (photo, below), while the sister car ran as no. 28?

The answer is that the car driven by the three Britons wasn’t going to be #18 at the 12 Hours. With the withdrawal of the Care Racing Ferraris, the no. 88 became available, and 18 has been switched to the higher number.

In an odd coincidence, the Care Ferraris ran as 80 and 88 from Sebring onwards last year (and at Le Mans), simply because of their association with Sam Li’s Veloqx Motorsport. And why the affinity with the no. 8, and as many of them as possible? Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Sam Li has used the number 888 before now.

The only other LMP1 at Sebring with an 8 in its number is the Champion Audi, of course...



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