Vic Rice In The AutoCon Riley
Vic Rice just can’t seem to keep away from the big events: he was last seen at Petit Le Mans, having just had a tyre let go on his Porsche and pirouetted through 360 degrees “four or five times” down the hill into Turn 10A.

dailysportscar.comThe image is of Vic at the same meeting, receiving an award as a result of his efforts in the SPEED GT event.

That hasn’t put him off (of course), and he’s back later this month at Sebring, in the Riley & Scott Mklll C being run by the new AutoCon / RPM team, partnering Tomy Drissi and Michael Lewis.

"I've known Vic for some time and have always been impressed with his pace and consistency in a car,” says Michael Lewis. “If there's one thing you must have at Sebring to do well, it's consistency. That plus Vic's previous experience in a Riley-Scott prototype sealed the deal for us. I think he will impress people with his pace. Another real benefit is Vic is a big guy like Tomy and I, so not only does he fit in the car with minimal adjustment, we will also make a formidable volleyball team while playing the Hawaiian Tropic Girls!!!"

"The team and I have had discussions in the past and I jumped at the chance when it finally presented itself," commented Vic Rice. "We all have plenty of experience and know what it takes to be fighting for positions in the 12th hour of this very demanding event. I think the AutoCon team has done their homework in the off-season with the Riley & Scott chassis and it should be a reliable package. Eighteen days and counting, I can't wait for this event."

AutoCon is anticipating running in the whole ALMS season plus, entry permitting, the Le Mans 24 Hours.


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