Snow Cuts It Short for Intersport
Columbus, Ohio, USA – When I reached Clint Field to check on the progress of Intersport Racing’s testing at Road Atlanta, I got a surprise. “This is Clint.” “Hi, this is Tom,” I said, “How did it go today?” “It didn’t, I’m in Columbus,” said Clint, “we were snowed out. We got up this morning to three inches of snow – we didn’t even go out to the track.”

dailysportscar.comSo, a three day test was reduced to about a day and a half by rain and snow. We had a progress report from Clint on Tuesday night after day one, and tonight we had a wrap-up of the remainder of the test, consisting finally of just some mostly wet weather work on Wednesday.

dsc writer-photographer Gary Horrocks talked to Dick Barbour at his Road Atlanta shops by ‘phone on Wednesday afternoon, and Dick told him he could see Intersport putting up rooster tails at the track, so we knew they had achieved some running.

“We found the Riley & Scott Mark IIIC to be a good car in the rain,” said Clint. “We were running 1:33s in pretty heavy wet – do you remember wet times at Atlanta last year?” he asked. We didn’t, but that time sounded pretty solid for the conditions to us. Other than Michael Durand, none of the drivers present will wheel the R & S, but track time is track time, especially after the winter lay-off.

dailysportscar.comClint told us the Lola B2K / 40 is on schedule in England, and will ship to either Miami or Orlando, to be picked up by the team en route to testing at Sebring on March 12 – 13.

According to Clint, the team “continued to talk to Pirelli this week, agreeing to evaluate the tires at the Sebring test, and then decide whether to adopt them for Sebring and the remainder of the season.” Intersport appears to be leaning strongly toward the Italian manufacturer, which has committed strongly to its North American racing program.

Jon continued work on Wednesday with the Lola B160 / Judd in the rain. “No times to report, we were having trouble with down-shifts, so it was out for a lap, then back in to adjust and calibrate,” Clint said. “It’s not right yet, so we’ll have to sort it out in March – that’s why you test.”

The cars are on the way back to Ohio, where they will be prepared for their trip to Florida with replacement of “high stress” elements, like half-shafts and suspension uprights.

Interesting new color scheme for the R&S, isn't it?
Tom Kjos


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