Esperante At Road Atlanta Too
It wasn’t just the Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx cars at Road Atlanta: the new Motorsports Technologies Panoz Esperante GT-LM ran its first ever laps on Thursday and Friday, with Scott Maxwell at the wheel."I was very impressed with the way the car performed," said the Canadian. "The car did everything a competitive GT sports car is supposed to, and with no problems whatsoever. For a brand new race car that has never turned a wheel before today, that is an excellent start.

"This evolution of the Esperante design has come a long way from the first generation that raced last year. I think this car has outstanding competitive potential."

"Our guys have been working long hours to get the car ready to test, and seeing it performing flawlessly on the track was a big payback for their hard work," said Elan MT CEO David Bowes. No times were released.

This is the car that Rick Skelton was so looking forward to, while testing the 2003 car at Sebring last month. That test did include a new Bosch management system, which incorporated traction control. The new chassis includes 150 modifications from the original, and lighter weight is an important part of the overall improvement.


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