Rollcentre Gets To Grips With The Dallara
"It was minus 0.5 when I left my house this morning," said the ever cheerful Andy Wallace late today.

dailysportscar.comHe was testing the Rollcentre Dallara on the National Circuit at Silverstone today (Friday), and evaluating the car for a possible Le Mans drive. With Martin Short and Rob Barff also present, it was a chance for two of the three drivers for Sebring to begin to develop the potential of Rollcentre's new acquisition.

"Martin and Rob seemed very happy with the set-up they finished with, and with the aero package working properly, they were very impressed with the grip level of the car. With all these prototypes, it's a matter of getting the aerodynamics working right, and then the car grips and you're away," explained the man who has a way of explaining these things so well.

"We were struggling with tyre temperatures in those conditions, but despite that, you could feel how good the car is.""It was great having Andy in the car,” confirmed Martin Short. “He headed us in the right direction very nicely.

"Both Rob and myself were delighted with our efforts against Andy’s baseline, and it’s all credit to Andy for being there with us. The stunning cold inhibited a lot of work, but in the short time we had, we achieved a lot. Now we need to knuckle down and really work with the car and understand how to extract the best from it, and us."

"The Dallara really is fabulous!" adds Rob Barff. "Andy and Martin did the lions' share of the driving but I finally got out in the car during the last session of the day and had a run of 15 timed laps: to get close to the bench time that Andy Wallace had set for us when the circuit was slightly warmer was really encouraging - I'm very happy. It's an awesome car to drive - the downforce at high speed is incredible, it develops oodles of downforce!"

For Short, Barff (right) and Barbosa, it's Estoril next (Feb 29, March 1 & 2), for some decent ambient temperatures.

There’s a lot of work being planned for this car before departure for Sebring, but it’s been a very good start.

“A day and a half and not a single problem, so I’m delighted with the start we’ve made. We’re living the dream….,” sighed Short.


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