And The Bucknum Pilbeam (Livery)
What a busy day this has turned out to be: here’s the third new look for Sebring, the Bucknum Racing Pilbeam livery.

The team has already recognised the lead taken by Jan Lammers’ team, as Jeff Bucknum explains.
"At Le Mans last year we decided our 2004 sponsorship efforts would borrow from their playbook, by seeking a multitude of small sponsors rather than one or two large sponsors. When it became time to seriously think about the look of our car, we thought we should be original and develop a play of our own.

ESBG Design and its chief designer David Borkowski was tasked with creating about 150 "spaces" for sponsors into a contemporary, sleek scheme that would play well on t.v. and excite the fans.

"Aside from the obvious logistical challenges of implementing a 'checkerboard' design, our goal from the beginning was to put a new spin on the familiar Lammers Racing livery," said Borkowski. "Team Bucknum is fantastic to work with in that they allowed us the creative license to ensure that vision would become a reality. We eagerly await the car's first appearance on track."

In addition to the logos of its many sponsors scattered about the car, each race Team Bucknum will feature the logo of a single sponsor prominently on the nose of the car.

"We wanted to give the firms that invested more heavily in our program something extra, something different,” continued Jeff Bucknum. “We really haven't sold our program this way, so it will be a nice surprise for our partners and should produce some excellent and memorable photographic opportunities for each of the companies."


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