Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx Testing – Day 1
The new colour scheme is beautiful, isn’t it? Odd coincidence time: the new livery was painted by a company owned by one of the British GT regulars….

Frank Biela and Guy Smith were down to do the majority of the driving today (although the image is of newcomer Pierre Kaffer, sliding one of the two cars out of Turn 7): the (older) German star has other commitments on Friday and Monday, so he’s only at the track today… and he’s limping. This is the legacy of a jogging accident, which left him with a sprained ankle.

The fitness campaign coincides with Biela giving up smoking. He’s been successful since January 1: good luck Frank.

"It's definitely a great thing to have him back in the car," said Biela, of 2000 team-mate Allan McNish. “He did a fantastic job when he was with Audi and I think there's no doubt he's going to do a brilliant job this year. I'm happy to have him in the car."

With McNish observing today, that left him free to speak to the ALMS’s Andy Hall:

"This test is critical for me personally and also for the team because it's been now quite a few years since I've driven the Prototype," said the Scot.. "The Audi and F1 cars are different and I've got to get that feeling back. I've got to get the understanding of even silly things, like this (Audi) has got slick tires, I've been used to grooved tires. From my point of view, it's important to test, but from the team and that jelling aspect of it, it's critical.

"I loved my time in the American Le Mans Series and I'm glad to be back."

Johnny Herbert was as pleased to have McNish back as Frank Biela. "It will be great working with Allan, but with the rest of the guys we've got as well. We have a good chance of success but I think everyone knows that there's a lot of strong other teams out there. We've got to get the best from all of us at the end of the day. If we have one little piece missing, we're going to lose out."

No times available from Road Atlanta, but Guy Smith did miss a deer this morning. 50-60 degree temperatures sounded just about perfect for the first day for the new team.


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