Panoz GTP At Sebring
As we predicted six days ago - here - Larbre Competition has definitely entered a Panoz GTP in the Mobil1 12 Hours of Sebring. This would have made a round 50 entries, except that Care Racing has withdrawn its two Ferrari 550s. David Brabham’s decision to accept a drive in the ACEMCO Saleen was a very wise one.

The three drivers in the Panoz are listed as Christophe Bouchut, Jean-Luc Blanchemain and Roland Berville. Bouchut needs no introduction here, while Jean-Luc Blanchemain (47), finished second in the 2003 FFSA GT Championship, alongside Sébastien Dumez, in a Larbre Viper GTS-R. They were pipped by the other Larbre Viper of Goueslard / Defourny – by a single point.

The third driver of the Panoz GTP is Roland Berville, 37 years old, who partnered Patrick Bourdais (Sébastien's father) and Vanina Ickx aboard the #84 T2M Porsche 911 GT3 in the 2003 Le Mans 24 Hours. Berville had a big accident on the Mulsanne Straight on Thursday evening, but the car was repaired for the race – and finished 27th, last classified finisher, and ninth in LM GT.

Larbre is thought to have entered the Panoz GTP at Le Mans too.

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