BAM! – An RSR & A Logo
BAM! (British American Motorsport) took delivery of its new Porsche 911 GT3-RSR late yesterday (Tuesday, February 10), and Technical director Tim Munday is shown caressing his new baby (in the main image).

dailysportscar.comWork is already under way to have the #43 YES Network Porsche ready for its Sebring debut – and it will carry this new logo (right), reflecting the team’s British and American heritage.

BAM!'s crew chief Matt Bishop has made sure that his crew members will stand out this year – they’ll be the ones wearing helmets in pit lane.

“I don't bike without a helmet, I don't snowboard without a helmet, so why would I stand next to cars going 60 miles an hour without a helmet?" explained Bishop. "Why wait until someone gets hurt before we spend $100 to save their head?”

Leo Hindery and Peter Baron are two of the drivers for Sebring….


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