Weaver, Wallace & Leitzinger – More Of The Same
We’ve become so used to their presence in (usually) blue and white Thetford / Norcold backed cars that it’s almost a non story – but it is certainly a pleasure to report that these three have resigned with Dyson Racing for 2004, to drive the Lola B160s in the ALMS.

The three will race together at Sebring, and then Andy Wallace will partner Chris Dyson for the sprint races.

"I think Rob (Dyson) must have the patience of Job," Weaver joked. "We've had a tremendous amount of fun with our racing. We are given all the tools to get the job done and the team responds. Rob is just a wonderful enthusiast who loves this sport. I looked around the other day at the Sebring test and saw how much fun everyone was having, and it's very special. I'm really excited for this season ahead."

"James is phenomenal," was the praise from Rob Dyson. "He's been one of the primary factors in our success, and he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. When he steps into the car, everyone else out there knows they're going to have a fight on their hands.

"James is willing to put in more hours than most drivers getting the car right, and that's what separates him from most everyone else. Between him and Butch (Leitzinger) and Andy (Wallace) and Chris (Dyson), we have an incredibly strong line-up going into 2004."

As Butch Leitzinger explains, 2004 should be a very good year for the two highly developed Lolas.

"The level of development that has been put into the Lola, and the results that we are seeing from that, have made us a serious threat at every race, as well as for the championship. We have shown that we have the speed to win races, and I'm confident that we have addressed the issues that have affected our reliability. James, Andy, Chris, and I will be giving it everything that we have to reward all of the team's hard work."

In essence, expect more 2003 Sears Point-type results in 2004.

“(Chris and I) had a great year together last season, capturing both team and driver titles in the P675 class,” was Andy Wallace’s comment. That included four 675 wins, and clearly the team wants more than that this year.

These three have something like 36 years experience between them racing for Rob Dyson’s team (not counting any missed years): 2004 should be one of the very best.

They're pictured at Petit Le Mans last October, with Peter Weston, the team's chassis engineer.



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