Sebring Testing – Corvette & Dyson
Barry Foster called in to Sebring yesterday, to keep an eye on Corvette Racing and Dyson Racing testing: yesterday was the first day of three.

Drivers from both teams were otherwise engaged yesterday (Wallace, Papis, Leitzinger), but all should be present today… and each of these three has a tale of frustration to tell of his Rolex 24.

Doug Fehan was clearly very pleased with the first day of the test with the revised Corvettes. The C5-Rs have a new wing, new front undertray and are running the X-trac transmission, which they finished the year with in '03, but it will be the first time for it at Sebring.

The Corvette livery has changed for this year – but not dramatically so.

"We have all the 'big chunks' done so now it is just fine tuning," commented Fehan. “Plus we have some new drivers! Ron Fellows isn’t 100% yet (after his surgery on a shoulder injury), but he is good now and will be better at the race."

"It will be eight weeks (since the surgery) on Monday," said Ron. In the interim he has been doing some indoor karting at a facility near his home, which is good therapy to build strength back into his shoulder. He was very complimentary about the Michelin tires, which he described as having “more consistency”, and behaving “quite a bit different in the corners”.

Rob Dyson suggested that his team is making a big push for the 12 Hours, so perhaps 2004 will be his turn to win this one… Sunday was spent on “systems” and “aero” work, and testing “new electronics”, but he declined to be specific.

Dyson was highly complimentary about the Goodyears for 2004, with “new compounds and constructions” available for this season.

The whole team was in good spirits, and interested to hear of details from Daytona. These two characters certainly don't need identifying...


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