Barff At Sebring – In The Rollcentre Dallara
We knew it would be Martin Short and Joao Barbosa in the Rollcentre Dallara at Sebring (and we suspected that Rob Barff would be the third driver), but the official ALMS release confirms that the Englishman, Barff, will be returning to the 12 Hours in March – for his first prototype drive, this time. He drove the DeWalt TVR last March, heading up the driving squad on that entry to an amazing run to seventh in class.“I’m a little bit apprehensive, to be honest (about moving up to a prototype), but I think that’s natural,” said a chuffed Rob Barff. “Seeing the Dallara in the flesh – it’s such a phenomenal racing car! Dallara has obviously done a brilliant job with it.

“Yup, I’ll be in the car at Sebring, the Le Mans Test Day and the 24 Hours, and in the four LMES events. Martin is planning that we shake it down on February 20, at Silverstone, and then we’ll be at Estoril on the 28 / 29 February and 1 March.”

‘Barffy’ has been suffering with sinusitis recently, but the Dallara should blow out his tubes well enough!

He brings support from his usual backers, the Cobra Group and Jelson, and is “trying to source further backing”.

“I’ve known Rob for a long time, and he was my first co-driver in British GTs four years ago,” comments Martin Short. “He’s got one of the safest pairs of hands in the business, we know he’s quick and he’s a complete and impressive driver.”

Meanwhile, it’s all go at Rollcentre’s St. Ives base, where Martin Short is gearing up to the challenges 2004 holds for him.

“We’ve employed three of the top blokes from TVR – that is Michael Tallentire (“Cushty”), Pete Lawson (“Stoody Pete”) and John Whitehead (“Chief”). They all started with us last Monday, and I’ve known them for the best part of ten years – having raced against the cars they prepared for five (in the Tuscan Challenge). They built the Le Mans TVRs and built and ran the Speed 12, and all three are very excited about working on the prototype. But they’re working on the Mosler and the Noble as well.”

We’ll have to put together a separate item for news of the GT cars at St. Ives.


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