CDL Becomes Synergy
dailysportscar.comWe introduced the Synergy name last week, but now the whole story has become clear: Gareth Evans (right) and Bert Taylor, who have raced TVRs together under the Countdown Developments name for the last three years (in the Tuscan Challenge and then in British GT in 2003) have “taken over” the two factory supported TVR T400Rs which ran at Le Mans (and elsewhere) last year.

Bob Berridge “retains an interest” in the project, and the ‘ladies car’ will be a key part of the programme, starting at Sebring. Amanda Stretton and Liz Halliday are already confirmed for the 12 Hours.

“The cars will race in a new livery at Sebring,” says Bert Taylor. We can probably expect the colour scheme to reflect the ”Synergy” livery in British GTs last year (main photo).

“Working with Bob Berridge, as well as a number of independent consultants, both cars are currently undergoing extensive development work,” confirms Taylor. “A significant gain in competitiveness is expected at Sebring as a result.”

“We’re still working closely with Hugh Chamberlain,” explains Bert Taylor, “and we’re hopeful of receiving an invitation to race both cars at the Le Mans 24 Hours this year. Synergy has enlisted the support of Hugh Chamberlain to assist in the preparation of the cars for Sebring and Le Mans, as well as the entire LMES series for 2004.”

The complete driver line up for the two cars at Sebring will be announced in the next two weeks, by which time ongoing discussions with both drivers and new sponsors will be completed. The team retains a third car, the CDL TVR raced last year.


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