Testing Round Up – Hyper Sport
Like Risi Competizione, the team is testing with last year’s chassis, but is expecting two new Multimatic-constructed chassis very soon - writes Russell Wittenberg. This test was really to get their new Bosch engine management system up and working. The new chassis will incorporate 150 modifications from the original. The original chassis began last year at 1350 kg, and was trimmed down through the year to 1275. The rules allow 25 % reduction from the road car which put the race Esperantes at 1200 kg, which is where the new chassis will be.

Team Owner / Driver Rick Skelton: “Last year was tough, we were a new team that had to build and develop a totally new car right in front of the public. So we are very excited and anxious to get the new car. The motor was great last year. The power and torque is outstanding, the car was just too heavy. Pirelli has been great, we have already done some testing with them in Atlanta: it’s a shame we are losing so much track time here waiting on parts.”



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